Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Hair Day Gets Worse

A woman’s bad hair day got worse Wednesday after deputies say she broke into an East Naples beauty salon to get a refund for her botched hairdo.

But Joann R. Olivio broke into the wrong salon, deputies say.

Olivio, 72, 2305 Hidden Lake Drive, Apt. 1, Naples, was charged with burglary and petty theft.

Reports say deputies responded to an alarm at Studio 3 Hair Salon, 4025 Santa Barbara Blvd., around 3:30 a.m. The glass in the front door had been broken.

Deputies searched the salon and found Olivio crouched behind the cash register, wearing a housecoat, pajamas, slippers, and yellow dishwashing gloves. A jacket she wore over her housecoat had shards of glass on it. She was holding a hammer, squeegee and small flashlight.

A search of Olivio’s pockets turned up a large amount of change. The business’ change drawer was open and empty. Business owner Chris Griffiths told deputies that he had closed the change drawer and that there was money inside it when he locked up the salon for the night.

Deputies say Olivio broke into the salon because it had ruined her hair and she needed money to get her hair fixed. Angelo Olivio told deputies his wife broke into the wrong hair salon.