Monday, April 27, 2009

Did You Know…You Can See Recent Crime Activity?

Not only does the CCSO Web site provide crime prevention tips, arrest information and agency news, it also gives you information about recent crimes in your area.

Every two weeks, Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk and deputies meet to analyze crime trends by evaluating all reported break-ins, burglaries, robberies and assaults. This is known as the COMSTAT method to crime fighting.

COMSTAT, which originated as COMPSTAT (Comparative Statistics) with the New York City Police Department, is a way to identify problems by mapping out where crimes occur. Deputies then use this information to determine the best way to tackle any issue.

How is that useful for you?

COMSTAT is posted on to provide you with insight into what’s going on in your neighborhood. Staying informed can help you be more aware and less likely to fall victim to a crime.

Click on the district’s name to see what’s happening in:
North Naples
East Naples
Golden Gate
Golden Gate Estates

Like visuals? Each district also includes a map that pinpoints the location of each reported crime.