Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Golden Gate Man Charged In Stabbing

UPDATE: A Golden Gate man has been arrested in connection with a March 18 stabbing outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Yulier Dominguez-Alvarez, 22, was charged Tuesday with attempted murder and violation of state probation. On arrest reports he listed his address as 32nd Ave. SW. No house number was included.

Reports say deputies were able to connect Dominguez-Alvarez to the crime when a palm print collected at the scene was identified as his. Witnesses later identified Dominguez-Alvarez as the attacker, reports said.

At the time of the stabbing Dominguez-Alvarez was on state probation for a 2007 grand theft, according to reports.

Original Release:
Man Stabbed Outside GG McDonald’s

Deputies are investigating a stabbing of a man outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Golden Gate early Wednesday morning, according to sheriff’s reports.

Deputies arrived at McDonald’s, 12055 Collier Blvd., shortly before 1 a.m. where they found the victim, Orlando Aizcorbe, 20, in the bed of a truck in the parking lot. Aizcorbe had been stabbed seven times, reports said. Aizcorbe was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released, reports said.

Reports say Aizcorbe was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped behind a white Chevrolet pickup with two men inside in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. After several minutes, the driver of the vehicle Aizcorbe was in honked his horn at the pickup.

The two men were standing outside the pickup when Aizcorbe’s vehicle exited the drive-thru. One of the men stabbed Aizcorbe in the back of the head through the open passenger-side window. Aizcorbe got out of the truck and engaged in a physical confrontation with the man. As the two were fighting, the man stabbed Aizcorbe in the back five times, reports said.

Aizcorbe pushed away from the man, who then stabbed him in the chest, reports said.Both men sped away in the pickup, reports said.An investigation continues.