Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's So Unusual...

The Unusuals is a new dramedy on ABC about the hectic world of New York City police detectives. It’s a dirty job working in a homicide unit, but it always helps to have a sense of humor.

The Unusuals

  1. Detective Shraeger is transferred from what unit?

  2. K-9



  3. Who was diagnosed with a brain tumor?

  4. Detective Delahoy

    Detective Beaumont

    Detective Walsh

  5. Detective Banks refuses to take off his

  6. Gold clock necklace

    Bulletproof vest


  7. In which precinct does the Homicide Unit work?

  8. 2nd



  9. Who is the main target for practical jokes in the unit?

  10. Sgt. Brown

    Detective Alvarez

    Detective Cole

  11. Shraeger gets partnered with

  12. Detective Cole

    Detective Delahoy

    Detective Walsh

  13. Partners Cole and Beaumont originally met at

  14. Police academy

    Summer camp


  15. Sgt. Brown is trying to rid the precinct of

  16. Cockroaches


    Low morale

  17. Detective Shraeger works hard to hide that she

  18. Grew up in wealth

    Worked as a JCPenney catalog model

    Works as cosmetologist on the weekends

  19. Who was a dirty cop?

  20. Detective Walsh

    Detective Alvarez

    Detective Kowalski