Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keepers of the (Green) Peace

Reusing equipment.

Reducing energy use.

Recycling documents.

CCSO is rethinking old solutions when it comes to helping the environment. Earth Day is April 22, and CCSO wants the public to join its efforts in keeping the local environment safe and clean.

The agency’s more than 1,300 members know that reusing, reducing and recycling can save resources and reduce pollution. Members are trained to be energy conscious. They are encouraged to turn off all lights whenever an office is empty, not leave radios and other equipment in chargers for longer than needed and turn off computers whenever leaving the office.

The recycling program at CCSO continues to grow. By the end of April, many offices and all six substations will receive 96-gallon recycling carts and cardboard containers.

The Purchasing Department recycles all of its shredded documents and electronic equipment.

Equipment is reused when possible. Fleet Management reuses prisoner cages, equipment consoles and push bars to reduce the cost to up-fit new patrol vehicles. Fleet also sends scrap metal to a recycler to prevent the metal from going to a landfill. Instead of paying for new furniture, Fleet and Purchasing simply repainted old filing cabinets, storage cabinets and book cases.

Lighting is now more efficient since cool fluorescent lights have replaced the old ones and motion sensor light switches were built into the newer buildings. CCSO knows it is vital to conserve some of Earth’s most limited resources, especially fuel. Deputies should, whenever visiting any CCSO facility, limit idling (leaving the engine in their patrol vehicle running) time to no more than five minutes.

CCSO also has several hybrid vehicles that help reduce the amount of gasoline used on a daily basis.

It’s all about shopping green as well. All paper products and some plastic items listed on the CCSO standard office supply order form are made with recycled material.