Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Rescue Rangers, Away!"

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Who doesn’t know the lovable chipmunks Chip and Dale created by Walt Disney? But did you know the duo worked a brief stint in law enforcement? In 1989 they started the Rescue Ranger Detective Agency to solve crimes that had gone unnoticed by police. How much do you remember from this Disney weekday afternoon feature?

  1. Chip’s style of clothing, a fedora and bomber jacket, emulated

  2. Indiana Jones

    Elliot Ness

    James Dean

  3. Dale’s style of clothing, a red and yellow Hawaiian shirt, emulated

  4. A tourist

    Jimmy Buffett

    Magnum P.I.

  5. Villainous feline

  6. Garfield


    Fat Cat

  7. A house fly that was part of the Rescue Rangers team

  8. Zippy



  9. Monterey Jack went into a hypnotic trance whenever he smelled

  10. Smelly socks



  11. Female mouse who was the agency’s mechanic

  12. Gadget



  13. Mad scientist who created evil schemes

  14. Professor Jerry Lewis

    Professor Norton Nimnul

    Professor Bill Nye

  15. Gaming system that offers a Rescue Ranger video game

  16. NES

    Sega Genesis


  17. Most of the rescue agency’s clients were

  18. People


    The police

  19. The agency was located in

  20. A dumpster

    A cardboard box

    A tree