Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Building A Mystery

If you're tired of watching cop dramas on TV, why not pick up a good mystery/suspense novel instead?

New Bestselling Mystery Novels

It's elementary - simply match the author to the title.

  1. The Boneman's Daughters

  2. Jonathan Kellerman

    Ted Dekker

    Harlan Coben

  3. Still Life

  4. Alexander McCall Smith

    Phillipa Gregory

    Joy Fielding

  5. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

  6. James Patterson

    Carol Higgins Clark

    Alan Bradley

  7. Cursed

  8. Mary Higgins Clark

    Carol Higgins Clark

    Janet Evanovich

  9. First Family

  10. Joy Fielding

    David Balducci

    Jonathan Kellerman

  11. The 8th Confession

  12. James Patterson

    David Balducci

    Dan Brown

  13. Long Lost

  14. Ted Dekker

    Stephen King

    Harlan Coben

  15. Just Take My Heart

  16. Mary Higgins Clark

    Carol Higgins Clark

    Janet Evanovich

  17. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built

  18. Harlan Coben

    James Patterson

    Alexander McCall Smith

  19. True Detectives

  20. Alexander McCall Smith

    Jonathan Kellerman

    Mary Higgins Clark