Thursday, June 4, 2009

CCSO Launches Major Community Partnership Project

You are the key to a safe Collier County.

That’s the idea behind a new Collier County Sheriff’s Office effort called “See It? Say It! Make The Call.”

Nobody knows our neighborhoods better than the people who live in them. By being vigilant and always reporting unusual activity as it happens, citizens can partner with CCSO to maintain Collier County’s great quality of life.

Many times people hesitate to contact law enforcement when they spot something that doesn’t seem right, either brushing it off as insignificant or waiting until hours or even days later to call CCSO. Deputies want community members to remember that every piece of information is important.

“It’s always best to call and let us check it out if you see something that concerns you,” said Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk. “The information you provide can help us solve a crime, or, better yet, prevent one from happening.”

Starting Monday, June 8, CCSO will be reinforcing the “See It? Say It!” message in a variety of ways over the next several months.Deputies will be distributing hand-outs with a detachable business card that has CCSO’s emergency number – 911 – and the non-emergency number – 252-9300. The agency will also be promoting the effort on its Web site. In addition, CCSO has produced 30-second “See It? Say It!” public service announcements for local media outlets, the Collier County government channel and Collier County School District Education Channel. Those same public service announcements are being offered to homeowner associations with closed-circuit television channels in their community.

“See It? Say It!” is Sheriff Rambosk’s most wide-ranging community partnership effort to date. Since taking office in January he has worked to strengthen the agency’s existing partnerships and build new ones. “See It? Say It!” reaches out to everyone and asks them to work with CCSO to keep Collier County safe by being alert and making the call.

Click here to watch a CCSO “See It? Say It!” public service announcement.