Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recognized for a Job Well Done

Certified and civilian CCSO deputies were recognized by Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk for going above and beyond the call of duty during the June 25 Supervisors Meeting. The following deputies were among those members who were awarded for applying their knowledge, dedication and sometimes fearlessness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

*Life Saving*

Cpl. Robert Cady, Golden Gate

Cady found a 60-year-old man who was unconscious and without a pulse after the man suddenly had trouble breathing and collapsed in his garage on Feb. 16. After administering CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED), Cady managed to regain the man’s pulse.

Cpl. Jon Russo, North Naples

After a 92-year-old man had a heart attack and collapsed at Sam Snead’s Tavern, 2460 Vanderbilt Beach Road, on April 30, 2008, Russo quickly administered CPR to the man and then used an AED. Russo’s efforts help keep the man alive until paramedics arrived.

Sgt. Richard Williams, Sgt. Gary Martin, Cpl. Todd Sanner, Cpl. John Knowlton, Cpl. David Shreeve, and Cpl. Courtney Smith, all Golden Gate

Deputies responded to a Golden Gate residence after a woman reported her boyfriend was trying to hang himself inside the locked garage. The deputies broke a window to gain entry to the garage and then used a ladder to lower the man from the ceiling. CPR was performed and the man regained his pulse.

Cpl. John Horath, Bailiff

Horath was eating lunch at Gemi’s CafĂ©, 2800 Davis Blvd., on March 18, 2009, when another diner rose from her chair, holding her throat as if she was in distress. Horath immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver on the choking woman until the food that was stuck inside her throat was dislodged.

Danielle Whaley, Communications

Whaley has even been with CCSO for less than a year and already she has helped saved the life a newborn during childbirth. Through a translator, Whaley calmly explained the emergency medical dispatch delivery protocol to the baby’s father, who didn’t speak English, during the Feb. 28 phone call. When it appeared the baby was having difficulty breathing, Whaley advised the father to rub a towel up and down the baby’s back to stimulate the baby. A minute later, the baby cried.