Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doing The Right Thing

The following students received the “Do The Right Thing” award Monday, Oct. 11, for their good deeds and heroic acts.

Overall Winner, Brian Klepper, 12th grade, Lorenzo Walker High School

Brian has been a volunteer at Eden Autism Services in Naples for the past two summers. While volunteering in July, Brian helped rescue a student who began to have a seizure while swimming in a pool. Brian immediately took action by notifying those in charge and assisted in getting the student out of the water. The student required instantaneous medical care and because of Brian’s quick actions, a life was saved.

Brian Davenport, seventh grade; Sarah Davenport, eighth grade; and Matthew Hayes, seventh grade,
Golden Gate Middle School:

In May, siblings Brian and Sarah and their friend Matthew found an old canoe drifting down a canal in Golden Gate. They named the canoe “Recycle” and began using it to collect trash from the canals in their neighborhood. The county-issued trash and recycle bins could not keep up with the amount of trash the kids collected. Some of the items the kids collected include tires, bicycles, plastic furniture and an entire sprinkler system.

Rudy Saucedo, ninth grade, Gulf Coast High School

In April, Rudy discovered what appeared to be a handgun near an apartment complex. Rudy turned the gun over to the apartment complex manager who then notified the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. The handgun turned out to be a BB gun which had been used in several bank robberies in the area.

Marshall Harbec, 11th grade, Lely High School

While attending the Lely vs. Clewiston regional championship game, Marshall found a purse and turned it in to the concession stand. The purse belonged to the mother of one of the Lely basketball players. Marshall’s actions prevented the purse from being picked up by someone who may not have been as honest.

Brian Hunt, 12th grade, Palmetto Ridge High School

During lunch in the cafeteria, Brian noticed one of his friends was choking. Brian took control of the situation by performing the Heimlich maneuver. Thanks to Brian’s quick actions, the food his friend was choking on was dislodged and the friend was OK.

Vincent Buonpane, 12th grade, Gulf Coast High School

Upon leaving a McDonald’s restaurant in Naples in April, a motorist discovered a letter on his car in the parking lot. When the motorist called the number left on the note, it was 17-year old Vincent Buonpane. Vincent had damaged the motorist’s vehicle and stated that he would return to the McDonald’s to speak with the owner. Buonpane’s parents came as well and a settlement was arranged without an insurance company. Vincent is commended for taking responsibility for his actions and doing the right thing.

Shawn Craig, sixth grade, North Naples Middle School

In Aprill, Shawn noticed that a school assistant had dropped cash from her pocket. Shawn advised her that she had dropped the cash and returned the $40 that she had lost.

Victor Meza Jr., seventh grade, Manatee Middle School

In July, there was a residential burglary that took place in East Naples. Victor advised deputies that he observed the suspects park a vehicle near the corner by the residence. He also noted that he saw the suspects running through neighboring yards, carrying unknown items. The suspects were positively identified by Victor, and as a result were arrested.