Thursday, October 29, 2009

Underage Drinking And Halloween A Dangerous Mix

Halloween isn’t just for little kids.

Big kids like to get into the Halloween spirit too.

But if you’re younger than 21 and your Halloween plans include spirits like alcohol, consider this:

Underage drinking is against the law.

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure those who are under 21 make the right choices and don’t add alcohol to the festivities.

Deputies will be out in force on Halloween checking for signs of underage drinking and assisting in enforcement efforts.

In Florida, anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited from possessing alcohol. Those under 21 are also prohibited from purchasing or attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Florida law also prohibits furnishing those who are below the legal drinking age with alcohol. Commercial servers such as bars, restaurants, stores and non-commercial servers may not furnish alcohol to those who are under 21.

Deputies will be checking sales at convenience stores to make sure alcohol is not being sold to minors.

Adults who will be throwing Halloween parties where alcohol will be served should keep in mind that it is against the law to furnish alcohol to anyone younger than 21. You could be arrested.

Parents, let your children know that if they find themselves at a party where alcohol is being served they should call you to request a safe ride home.