Monday, February 22, 2010

Doing The Right Thing

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office will present 10 kids with “Do The Right Thing” awards for February at a ceremony Feb. 22 at Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology in East Naples:

Michael Scott, eighth grade, Oakridge Middle School (Overall Winner)
Last fall someone began drawing graffiti on the walls and lockers of Oakridge Middle School, as well as areas in the Indigo Lakes community. Michael overheard a student bragging about being responsible for the graffiti. Michael took the information to his Youth Relations deputy, who contacted the student, who later confessed to the crime.

Jamie Marquez, first grade, Tommie Barfield Elementary School
One day at school, Jamie noticed an envelope lying on the ground. Jamie immediately took the letter to her Youth Relations deputy. The envelope contained important information and the Youth Relations deputy was able to track down the teacher whom the envelope belonged to.

Fabian Maldonado, second grade, Golden Terrace Elementary School
While on his way to class, Fabian discovered $22 on the ground at his school. Fabian turned the money over to his teacher, who was able to find the rightful owner.

Brandon Johnson, third grade, Corkscrew Elementary School
Brandon discovered $10 outside his classroom. After checking with his classmates to make sure the money didn’t belong to them, he brought the money to the office to turn it in.

Syndina Louissaint, fifth grade, Naples Park Elementary School
On Syndina’s way home from school, she was approached by a suspicious person who tried to give her a ride home. Syndina immediately ran to a friend’s house where they contacted the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and reported the incident.

Brandon Kortz, fifth grade, Corkscrew Elementary School
While out shopping, Brandon noticed a 3-year-old boy who was lost. Brandon comforted the boy and stayed with him until they were able to locate his mother.

Christopher Reber, seventh grade, Oakridge Middle School
Christopher took initiative to hold a bake sale to help a neighbor battling Lyme disease. Christopher enlisted the help of neighbors and friends and together they baked foods to sell for donation. Christopher raised $200, which was donated to his neighbor’s cause.

William “Travers” Landreth, eighth grade, Corkscrew Middle School
Since Travers was in sixth grade, he has volunteered to put up and take down the flags at his school. Travers comes to take care of the flags faithfully every day and never has to be asked or reminded. He is very respectful and has taught other students the proper ways to handle, display and store the flags.

Francis Francois, 11th grade, Golden Gate High School
Yvens Herard, 11th grade, Golden Gate High School
While in cooking class, a fight broke out between two girls. The two girls punched a teacher who was trying to break up the fight. Francis and Yvens ran over to help their teacher and separated the two girls who were fighting.