Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kudos To Marine Rescue

The below editorial was featured in the June 21 edition of The Naples Daily News.

Editorial: Dolphin rescue ... a ‘beastly’ object lesson in marine responsibility

Congratulations to local wildlife and law-enforcement authorities.

By exercising discretion, coupled with some skill, they handled of the case of the distressed dolphin by the Naples Pier just right — and helped us learn a lesson about proper disposal of tangled fishing tackle.

When a dolphin, nicknamed “The Beast” for stealing anglers’ bait, started becoming a fixture at the pier, closer looks showed one of its fins was mangled by stray tackle.

At least once in the past authorities considered capturing and “rescuing” such a dolphin.

But not this time.

Nature was allowed to run its course, which took a bizarre twist when the dolphin and its tackle became ensnared with the anchor line of a small boat occupied by two fishermen.

The dolphin started to pull the small craft, which led to a call to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, which brought out a marine patrol unit that cut the dolphin free of what had become its snare.

The fishermen were relieved too.

It was a happy ending thanks to people who knew what they were doing — and a reminder of the extreme danger to marine life when fishermen cut loose tangled line and let it go rather than do the extra work of disposing of it properly.

What a terrific story.