Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You, CCSO

The CCSO often receives thank-you letters for the hard work and time deputies invest in making our community a safer and more enjoyable place to live. We would like to share this one.

My name is Barbara Holloway. I am from Woodbine,GA. I was in Immokalee, Fl over the week of the 4th of July. My daughter-in-law and I noticed a Boxer running along the side of the road on Main Street. Not wanting the dog to get hit by a car we called the Domestic Animal Services number and could not get an answer. We called the Sheriffs office in Immokalee and explained the circumstances. Sergeant Danny Curran #734 arrived a short time later. We were able capture the dog with his help and contacted a Boxer Rescue. The dog looked like she weighed about 25 pounds. She was picked up by Domestic Animal Services and is now at the shelter on Davis Blvd. She will be going to the Boxer Rescue after she gains weight and is healthy.

Being a Boxer lover, and having had Boxers, we still do I was glad to save this one. We could not have done it without Sergeant Currans help. I want to thank him and his Department for their quick response. We have named her Hope and she is a real sweety. I realize that usually people want to complain about the Police, but I want to thank you so very much.


Barbara Holloway
Woodbine, GA