Monday, November 1, 2010

Collier Leaders Go Behind Bars

Members of Greater Naples Leadership recently toured the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s Naples Jail Center as part of the nonprofit organization’s annual Government Day event.

Cmdr. Kevin McGowan and Corrections Sgt. Brandon Barley led about 50 members on a tour of the first floor Wednesday, where they got an up-close look at the inmate booking area and a vacant maximum security cell block.

Lt. Keith Harmon, Lt. Shirley Noya, Cpl. Gary Fishman, and Cpl. Randy LaRosa spoke with the group during a question-and- answer session about the specialized units within the jail including the Criminal Alien Task Force, Corrections Emergency Response Team and Jail Investigations.

Photos by Kristi Lester/CCSO (5)

Cmdr. Kevin McGowan explains the inmate booking process.

Cmdr. McGowan discusses inmate housing in the maximum security cell block.

Corrections Specialist Cpl. Gary Fishman shares his experience working with the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) to help ensure the safety of the inmates and jail staff.

Corrections Specialist Lt. Keith Harmon talks about CCSO’s partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that identifies and removes illegal criminal aliens from the community.

Cpl. Randy LaRosa discusses the Jail Investigations Unit. Deputies will conduct investigations of any criminal acts committed by inmates inside the jail and file appropriate charges to further discourage unlawful behavior, he said.