Monday, November 15, 2010

Do The Right Thing Awards

The following students will be receiving the Do The Right Thing award on Nov. 15, 2010

Gustavao Ramos, fourth grade, Golden Gate Middle School, (Overall Winner)

When Gustavao received a second bicycle, he decided to give one to a friend who had never owned a bicycle before. Gustavo’s only requirement was that his friend ask their CCSO Youth Relations deputy for a helmet so that he could ride safely. Gustavao is being recognized for his generosity and adherence to safety.

Anthony Valdivia, third grade, Golden Terrace Elementary School

This past month, Anthony decided to do a school project on bullying. For the project, Anthony created a poster and pamphlets for his classmates on bullying and what they can do if ever in that situation. After presenting his project, Anthony’s classmates discussed ways that they could help stop bullying at their school. Since then, “Bullying Classes” have been held for all students at Golden Terrace Elementary and the students are changing the way they treat one another. Anthony has made a difference by making his school environment safer for all students.

Tyler Bord, fourth grade, Corkscrew Elementary School
Kristi Crain, sixth grade, Corkscrew Middle School
Stephanie Garcia, sixth grade, Corkscrew Middle School

While working in the after-school program at Corkscrew Elementary, Tyler, Kristi and Stephanie learned about a dog named Lucky, who had been adopted by Collier County Domestic Animal Services and was in poor health due to the loss of his leg. They decided to bake dog biscuits and sell them in their schools and in the community to help raise money for Lucky’s medical treatment.

Jarrett Rochester, fifth grade, Golden Gate Elementary School

On his way to school one day, Jarrett found an iPod valued at $200. Jarrett immediately took the iPod to the nearest teacher and they were able to return it to the owner.

Makayla Conner, seventh grade, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School

When a new student in Makayla’s class was being treated unkindly, she confronted her classmates. Makayla told her class that she would be this student’s friend.

Hannah Christy, 11th grade, Naples High School
Jesus Rubio, ninth grade, Naples High School

While Hannah and Jesus were in their school’s television studio, they observed another student remove some equipment from inside the room. They immediately reported the theft to their teacher and the student involved in the theft was apprehended.

Alexandra Diaz, 11th grade, Lely High School

Alexandra found a very expensive pair of prescription glasses while walking through the school courtyard. Alexandra took the glasses to her assistant principle in the hope of finding the owner.