Monday, December 13, 2010

December 2010 Do The Right Thing Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students who will be receiving the Do The Right Thing Award on Monday, December 13.

Lindsey Lind, twelfth grade, Lorenzo Walker High School (Overall Winner)

On separate occasions, Lindsey has taken in two of her fellow classmates who were in need of a home. Thanks to Lindsey, these students have been provided with a safe place to live and can focus on their academics.

Christian Frankle, first grade, Osceola Elementary School

Last fall, Christian won a new bicycle and helmet in a Halloween costume contest. Christian decided to donate the bicycle and helmet to his school, in hopes it would go to a child in need.

Sabine Milfort, third grade, Pinecrest Elementary School

One day after school, Sabine discovered that another student had gone home when they were supposed to be at an after school program. Concerned for their safety, she immediately notified a teacher and they were able to locate the student.

Tia Nelson, fifth grade, Tommie Barfield Elementary School

This past summer, Tia started a drive to collect clothing, toys and stuffed animals for the children of 6L Farms. She plans to continue the program next summer.

Alexandro Martinez, sixth grade, East Naples Middle School
Richard Brown, twelfth grade, Lely High School

This past month, Alexandro and Richard witnessed a shoplifting at a Walgreens. They immediately notified the store manager and a deputy. Thanks to their efforts, the shoplifter was apprehended.

Gary Monahan, seventh grade, East Naples Middle School
Grant Mumford, seventh grade, East Naples Middle School

This past September, a new student from China enrolled at school and did not speak any English. Gary and Grant reached out to the new student by purchasing his lunch and used a translation application on their iPod to communicate with him.

Daniel Sipma, tenth grade, Barron Collier High School

Earlier this year, Youth Relations Deputies were investigating a theft that had taken place at the school. Daniel found some of the items that had been taken and immediately turned them in to administration. With Daniel’s help, deputies apprehended the suspect for the theft.

Ryan Smith, tenth grade, Barron Collier High School

Ryan received text messages from a friend who shared her thoughts of wanting to hurt herself. Ryan immediately notified to his school guidance counselor and they were able to locate the student and get her help.