Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Program Helps Keep Collier Safe By Going Green

Thanks to a partnership between the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Bikes for Tykes Inc., 12 green bicycles will soon be available for public use through the new Immokalee Go Green program.

The bicycles are part of a community-sharing initiative to offer free transportation for anyone living in Immokalee. CCSO believes the bikes will help reduce the number of individuals driving without valid licenses and the number of bicycle thefts as well as promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging exercise.

The bicycles have been painted green and will be placed in designated locations throughout Immokalee.

The Go Green program works similar to checking out a book from the library. Anyone wishing to borrow a bike will visit one of the designated locations, show identification and sign-off that they received the bicycle. The rider may use the bike up to 48 hours and must return it to the same location from where it was borrowed.

The bikes, parts and paint were donated by Bikes for Tykes Inc. Cpl. Michael Taylor worked diligently to refurbish, paint and distribute the bicycles. All of the bikes include lights and a traffic vest and most are equipped with a basket.

A test run of the program began in April when Cpl. Taylor delivered three of the 12 bikes to the Immokalee Friendship House. Upon completion of the evaluation period, the remaining nine will also be distributed to other locations in Immokalee.
Photos submitted by Cpl. Michael Taylor/CCSO(2)