Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eagle-Eyed Deputy Rescues Injured Hawk

Photo courtesy Sgt. Edward Wozniak/CCSO

An injured hawk was on its way to a wildlife rehabilitation center Thursday morning after a Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputy found the bird in the roadway in the Everglades.

Sgt. Edward Wozniak said he was patrolling the area of U.S. 41 East near the Dade County line around 9 a.m. when he spotted the hawk standing in the middle of the road. The bird appeared to have a broken wing.

Sgt. Wozniak wrapped his raincoat over the injured bird and carried it back to his patrol cruiser, where he placed it in the backseat.

He drove the hawk back to the CCSO Everglades substation, where he placed it in a cat carrier.

The hawk was being transported to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida wildlife rehabilitation center in Naples.

Wildlife rescues by deputies are not uncommon in the Everglades district. Sgt. Wozniak said he rescued an injured hawk while on patrol a couple of months ago.