Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sheriff Rambosk Honored For Efforts To Enhance Security Training For Officers In Gated Communities

Collier  County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, right, receives the Dedicated Service Award from John Sutphin, president of the Gated Community Security Managers Association, at the GCSMA's annual meeting at The Colony Golf & Bay Club in Bonita Springs in October. Photo courtesy of GCSMA

Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk has been honored by the Gated Community Security Managers Association GCSMA.

The GCSMA presented Sheriff Rambosk with the Dedicated Service Award at the group’s annual meeting in October at The Colony Golf & Bay Club in Bonita Springs.

The award recognizes Sheriff Rambosk for his efforts to foster continued growth and success of a specialized certification program designed to train and elevate effectiveness and responsiveness of residential community safety departments.

As part of the GCSMA, the safety department of the Fiddler’s Creek community was instrumental in bringing together the GCSMA and the Sheriff’s Office for this shared opportunity.

During the group’s fall quarterly meeting at Fiddler’s Creek in October 2010, Florida Director of Security Michael Charbonneau raised the idea of developing an advanced training program for gated community security officers.

Sheriff Rambosk, the guest speaker at the meeting, told the group he believed in the importance of this training and offered to take it before the Florida Sheriff’s Association to obtain its endorsement of the course.

As a result, a 40-hour training program was developed into five eight-hour courses now being taught.

The goal of the Gated Community Security Managers Association is to network security directors from around the country to disseminate administrative, technical and operational practices that will help them promote their use in managing gated community security departments, according to the group’s website.