Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pot Donation Leads To Arrest

A North Naples woman was arrested Monday after walking into the Golden Gate Sheriff’s Substation and setting a plastic bag containing marijuana on the sign-in clipboard.

Sheila Sarmiento, 37, of 14933 Toscana Way, was charged with possession of marijuana.

Reports give the following account of what happened: Sarmiento entered the lobby of the 4707 Golden Gate Parkway substation around 4 p.m. and began browsing through brochures. When a CCSO member asked Sarmiento if she needed help, Sarmiento asked whether the brochures about peaceful demonstrations were free.

After learning that the brochures were indeed free, she walked over to the sign-in sheet, signed her name and phone number, and then under the comments column wrote, “Re: pot. Hate crimes against me.” She then reached into her purse, pulled out a small plastic bag of marijuana, tossed it onto the sign-in clipboard and said, “This is my contribution to a peaceful demonstration.”

As Sarmiento left the building, a deputy walked out behind her and placed her under arrest.