Thursday, February 14, 2008

Second Arrest Made In Grand Theft Case

Update: A second man has been arrested in connection with this crime. Derrick Calhoun, 44, who arrest reports say is homeless, was arrested today and charged with grand theft.

A man was arrested Wednesday after deputies say he stole a flat-screen TV and a home theater system and then pawned the electronics to buy crack cocaine.

John J. Redmond, 40, who is homeless, according to arrest reports, was arrested on a warrant and charged with grand theft, defrauding a pawn broker and dealing in stolen property.

Reports say Redmond and another man, Derrick Calhoun, were smoking crack together at the house of a friend at 5338 Floridian Ave., East Naples, on Jan. 21, 2007. They ran out of crack and decided to pawn to pawn the friend’s TV and home theater system to get more buy more crack.

Calhoun did not have an ID, so Redmond pawned the items, reports said. They got $300 for the items and split the money, reports said.