Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deputies: Man Followed Girls, Tried To Give Cash

A man was arrested Monday after deputies say he followed two girls as they walked home in East Naples and tried to give them money.

Carlos Perez Dominguez, 18, 315 San Marcos Blvd., East Naples, was charged with battery and obstruction of an officer.

Reports say the girls, ages 16 and 13, were walking along Radio Road to their development around 6 p.m. when they noticed Perez Dominguez following them. They walked faster and Perez Dominguez walked faster. They began to jog and he began to jog.

When they reached their driveway Perez Dominguez began talking to them in Spanish. He walked over to the 16-year-old, put his arm around her and tried to give her money. She moved away from him and told him to leave.

Perez Dominguez then walked over to the 13-year-old, put his arm around her and tried to give her money. She told him to go away.

The girls then went over to the home of a neighbor who had just arrived home. Perez Dominguez followed the girls to the neighbor’s driveway. The neighbor called the Sheriff’s Office.

Perez Dominguez returned to the area while deputies were there and both girls identified him as the man who followed them.