Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deputies: Burglars Returned

Two Immokalee men who broke into a neighbor’s house and stole electronic equipment were arrested Wednesday after they returned to the house and chatted with deputies, sheriff’s reports said.

Marcos Rafael Galindo Jr., 19, 1310 S. Plum St., and Salvador Riojas, 18, 1305 S. Plum St., were each charged with burglary and grand theft.

Arrest reports say Galindo and Riojas broke into a house at 1309 Plum St. and stole a stereo and other electronic equipment.

While deputies were at the house investigating the burglary Riojas and Galindo arrived and wanted to talk to them about an unrelated matter, reports said.

While Riojas and Galindo were speaking to deputies, a neighbor approached another deputy at the scene and said she saw Riojas and Galindo leave the house with the items that were reported stolen, reports said.

Galindo brought deputies to his residence, where deputies recovered some of the stolen items, reports said.

Galindo, Marcos

Riojas, Salvador