Thursday, July 31, 2008

Safety Campaign To Target Red Light Runners

WHAT: National Stop On Red Week

WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008, through Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008

WHERE: Collier County

SUMMARY: CCSO deputies will be on the lookout for motorists who fail to stop for a red traffic signal when the annual national campaign to stop red-light running gets under way next week.

CCSO will join law enforcement agencies across the country to raise awareness of the dangers of running a red light.

Florida ranks near the top of the list of states for crashes and a third of those are caused by running red lights.

Deputies will be conducting enforcement operations throughout Collier County during the campaign in an effort to make our local roadways a safer place.

Running a red light in Collier will set you back $203.

If you see an intersection where people are always running red lights or know of a stretch of road that’s a favorite for speeders, we want to hear about it.

Call the CCSO Traffic Hotline at 530-ZOOM (966) and give us the information. We’ll pass it along to the deputies so they can check it out.

CCSO offers these tips for drivers for improving intersection safety and avoiding red-light running and red-light runners:

* Slow down and prepare to stop when a light turns yellow.

* Yield to pedestrians. They have the right of way regardless of whether the intersection is marked or unmarked.

* Proceed through intersections with caution even after the light turns green and be mindful of your own safety.

* Come to a complete stop before turning on red.

* Yield to vehicles making a U-turn when turning right on red.

Click here to check out our video on red light safety tips.