Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two computers, one receipt.

Deputies arrested a 32-year-old man Monday after they say he bought a computer from an East Naples Wal-Mart and then used the receipt to try to obtain a cash refund for another computer that he did not pay for.

Ricardo Enrique Mejia Figueroa, 2674 Fountain View Circle, Apt. 101, North Naples, was charged with grand theft.

Arrest reports say Figueroa and a woman entered the Wal-Mart at 6650 Collier Blvd. around 6 p.m. and paid cash for a Dell flat screen computer. The woman left the store while Figueroa remained inside.

The woman returned to the store and handed Figueroa a receipt, reports said. Figueroa went to the computer area and took the same model computer that he had just purchased and placed it in his cart, reports said.

He pushed the shopping cart past the cash registers and proceeded to the customer service center, where he tried to return the computer using the receipt in exchange for a cash refund for $845.88, according to reports.

When a store manager questioned the couple about the return, the woman left the store, got into a taxi and drove off, leaving Figueroa behind, reports said.

When questioned by deputies, Figueroa could not account for the computer that was in his car in the store parking lot and the computer that was in his shopping cart, reports said.