Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get Ready For Fay

Collier County could be facing its first real threat of the 2008 hurricane season.

As of Sunday, Tropical Storm Fay was forecast to reach Southwest Florida as early as Tuesday, possibly as a hurricane.

Collier County was under a hurricane watch Sunday. A watch indicates hurricane conditions are possible generally within 36 hours.

Are you ready? Do you have a plan?

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to get prepared. Now.

When a hurricane watch is issued, CCSO urges residents to do the following:

Re-check your emergency supplies to make sure you have what you need. Restock if necessary. Make sure your supplies include plenty of canned foods, a manual can opener, bottled drinking water, a first-aid kit, and battery-operated radios, flashlights and lanterns as well as extra batteries. If you take medication, be sure your prescriptions are filled. And don’t forget about pets’ needs.

Get out your hurricane shutters from storage. Make sure you have the necessary hardware and tools to install them.

Review your evacuation plan. Make arrangements to evacuate to the home of a relative or friend in a safe area. Know the location of your nearest emergency shelter. Remember leaving the county may not be an option as roads may be too clogged for travel.

If you evacuate, please make sure you have photo identification like a driver’s license or employment photo ID, and proof of residency, like a telephone or electric bill, a rental agreement or a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Collier residents must be able to provide proof of residency before they will be let back in to the areas where they live.

CCSO is doing its part to make sure deputies are ready to protect residents in the event of a storm - making sure generators are fueled, checking on the propane tank and charging satellite phones.

Keep checking for helpful information when a storm is threatening.