Friday, September 19, 2008

Deputies: Woman Bragged Stolen Car Was “Hot”

A woman who deputies say stole an East Naples man’s car and then drove it around, bragging it was “hot” has been arrested, sheriff’s reports said.

Rhonda Goff, 49, 3091 64th St. S.W., Golden Gate, was arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft auto and grand theft.

Arrest reports say Abdelaziz Elayyadi, 52, told deputies that he had met Goff in August and that she had been staying at his house on and off.

He told deputies that he called Goff on Sept. 1 from work and she told him she was at his house watching a movie. When he returned home later that day his garage door was open and 1998 Mazda Protégé was missing. Goff, who Elayyadi said was aware of where he kept his spare car key, was also missing, reports said.

Elayyadi told deputies there was also $1,700 cash hidden inside the car. Elayyadi attempted to contact Goff several times by phone, but was unsuccessful, reports said. He reported the car stolen to authorities.

On Thursday Elayyadi drove a friend home when he saw his car parked in his friend's driveway, reports said.

The friend told deputies that he did not know the car belonged to Elayyadi. He said Goff had been driving the car around and told him it was “hot.”

The $1,700 cash was missing from the car along with a cell phone and planner, reports said.