Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scuffle At Tow Yard Leads To Felony Arrest

An East Naples towing business owner is facing felony charges after deputies say he scuffled with two women at his tow yard Wednesday.

Juan Carlos Corzo, 1190 Wildwood Lakes Blvd., #104, East Naples, was charged with burglary and battery.

Arrest reports say Amanda Adkins, 18, and Lindsey Meeks, 25, told deputies that they went to B&B Towing, 3863 Enterprise Ave. to retrieve Adkins’ car Wednesday afternoon after it had been towed there on Oct. 1.

Adkins said Corzo released her car after she paid the $305 fee. Meeks and Adkins were inside the car, getting ready to drive away when Corzo walked up and became disrespectful toward Meeks, reports said. Meeks and Corzo began arguing, reports said.

Corzo got inside the car and hit Meeks in the face with his elbow, reports said. He removed the keys from the ignition and slammed the car door on Meeks’ leg. Corzo then walked away, reports said.

Corzo told deputies Meeks yelled and cursed at him and that he removed the keys from the ignition because he did not want her to drive away angry and feared for the safety of her and others in the lot, reports said.