Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Construction Site Safety

Thieves know that many construction sites and industrial park businesses shut down over long holiday weekends.

That’s why CCSO offers the following tips to keep work areas safe:

* Make your site or business as secure as possible before going home for the weekend.

* Don’t leave tools, equipment or materials lying around unsecured. Pay special attention to copper wire and fittings.

* Check all security hardware (doors, windows, locks, lights and alarm system) and make sure it’s working safely.

* Don’t leave valuables in plain view inside parked vehicles.

* Remove all wheeled vehicles and equipment from the site or disable them and keep them in place.* Secure fuel storage tanks and use locking gas caps.

* Keep an inventory of all tools and equipment and mark it so it can be identified if it is stolen.

* Don’t leave anything on a job site that you don’t have to.

* Make sure your job site is free of debris to help reduce the potential for vandalism.

For more information on business and construction security, contact CCSO’s Crime Prevention Section at 793-9391.