Thursday, April 2, 2009

What It's Like To Be . . .

. . . CCSO Sgt Erik Miller, Corrections

Hometown: I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
How long with CCSO: Seven years
Family: Single. My father Erik G. Miller is retired CCSO (14 years in corrections).
Hobbies: Playing golf, and going to the beach and gym

Q. Why Corrections?
A. Corrections has given me a chance to work in many different areas. I am a certified defensive tactics and firearms instructor, a Correction Emergency Response Team (CERT) member, and a supervisor in the jail Criminal Alien Task Force.

Q. What’s it like being in CERT?
A. I am very proud to be a member of CERT. I am one of the original 10 deputies that started the team in July 2003. Our training day consists of strenuous physical fitness workouts and various tactical team scenarios and exercises that include cell extractions, riot and disturbance control, and chemical and less lethal training.

Q. How do you get to be a member of CERT?
A. CERT adheres to the same fitness standards as SWAT. To be a member of the team, you must complete a 1-mile run in eight minutes or less, 30 push-ups, 60 sit-ups in two minutes, 100-meter dash in 15 seconds or under, five pull-ups, and complete an obstacle course in eight minutes. The member must also pass a psychological evaluation and oral board. A ranked order list is then comprised of the qualifying candidates.

Q. Favorite part of your job?
A. My favorite part of my job has to be my work in the CATF. Researching someone’s immigration history can sometimes involve long hours, but it feels good when you process a dangerous criminal for deportation, making Collier County a safer place for everyone.

Q. Least favorite part of your job?
A. The least favorite part of my job is when I have to come to work when it’s 80 degrees and sunny, knowing that I’d much rather be at the beach!

Q. Do you have any advice for someone who aspires to work in Corrections?
A. I feel the Corrections Division has a lot of opportunity and is a great career choice. I was promoted to supervisor within three years which has allowed me to make more money, and I have been an instructor in two areas and been a member of two specialized units.

Sgt. Erik Miller, center, participates in a recent Correction Emergency Response Team (CERT)
competition. Photo courtesy of Kevin Chamberlain/CCSO