Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deputies Nab Suspected Car Burglar

Deputies arrested a 19-year-old man early Tuesday as he was leaving an East Naples gated community where they say he had just broken into at least two vehicles.

Danny Heu Jr., 8103 Sanctuary Drive, Unit 2, East Naples, was charged with burglary, grand theft and possession of burglary tools.

Arrest reports gave this account:

A 54-year-old woman told deputies that she was walking her dog in the 7500 block of Firenze Lane around 3:45 a.m. when she saw a dark sedan with a taped window pull up near her vehicle.

She said Heu and a woman got out of the sedan and looked inside her vehicle. Heu and the woman then walked across the street and went up to a 2005 white Jeep Laredo that was parked and opened the door. Heu went inside the Jeep for about 30 seconds before getting out. He walked down the street with the sedan following him, looking inside vehicles and trying door handles.

Deputies arrived as Heu was driving out of Verona Walk. Deputies conducted a traffic stop at Verona Walk and Collier boulevards.

Heu and his female passenger told deputies that they were at Verona Walk visiting a friend named Emily, however, they did not know her address or phone number. They said they entered the community by following another vehicle through the gate.

A search of Heu’s car turned up burglary tools such as wire cutters, pruning shears, a black glove and a hammer, and multiple items that appeared to be stolen.

The owner of the Jeep told deputies that he found his glove box open and papers were strewn about his vehicle. His global positioning system and car charger were missing from his vehicle. Deputies recovered the GPS unit in Heu’s car.

The Jeep owner told deputies that many of the items found in Heu’s car appeared to have the initials of a friend. He called the friend, who confirmed that his white Ford F-150 pickup had been burglarized and that multiple items, mostly tools such as drills and saws, were missing.

Heu was arrested and charged in connection with both vehicle break-ins, reports said.

CCSO reminds residents to lock their vehicles – even when they’re parked in the driveway – and to always take valuables with you.

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