Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Future of Law Enforcement

Part man, part machine, all cop.

Robo Cop

  1. What year did Robo Cop debut?

  2. 1981

  3. Who starred as Robo Cop?

  4. Peter Weller
    Patrick Swayze
    Jean Claude Van Damme

  5. What was Robo Cop’s real name?

  6. Officer Alex J. Murphy
    Officer Carl Winslow
    Officer Joe Swanson

  7. What city was the movie based in?
  8. New York
    Los Angeles

  9. Dick Jones created the

  10. Robo Cop
    Bending Unit 2000

  11. Company that pretty much owns all of Detroit

  12. Omni Consumer Products
    Guthy Renker
    GMC Motors

  13. How many Robo Cop movies have been made?

  14. 1

  15. Who was Robo Cop's partner?

  16. Officer Danielle Steele
    Officer Anne Lewis
    Officer Sally Field

  17. Detroit is going to be renamed

  18. Oz
    Delta City

  19. Before he became Robo Cop, he was transferred to this department

  20. Metro West Precinct
    12th Precinct
    South Bronx Precinct