Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 Cited In Underage Alcohol Sales Operation

Eighty-four out of 91 businesses visited Tuesday during a CCSO underage alcohol enforcement operation properly checked IDs and refused to sell alcohol to minors.

CCSO Commander Beth Jones, who led the operation, said the results are a strong indication that CCSO’s efforts to curb underage alcohol sales are working. During a similar operation in June of this year seventy-one stores were visited and 19 clerks were cited for selling alcohol to minors. In a December 2008 underage alcohol operation 73 stores were visited and 21 clerks were cited.

“The downward trend in we are seeing in citations tells us that our education efforts are paying off,” she said. “It also means our community understands the importance of protecting our youth from having access to alcohol.”

Deputies cited the seven clerks who sold alcohol to underage volunteers during Tuesday’s operation.

Those who were cited received notices to appear in court on charges of selling alcohol to minors.

CCSO wants to thank all Collier County establishments that train their employees to properly check IDs when selling alcohol.