Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doing The Right Thing

The following students were awarded the Do The Right Thing Award.

Sophie Shrader
Second grade, Vineyards Elementary School

Sophie has taken on the responsibility of helping a student in her classroom with autism. Everyday, Sophie helps the student with his class work and makes sure he gets to his destinations safely. Sophie also helps two ESE students in the classroom as well. Sophie is always giving encouragement and support to these fellow classmates in any way she can.

Cheyenne McClelland
Third grade, Highlands Elementary School

Cheyenne is being awarded for her selflessness to help others. Cheyenne decided to cut her long hair and donate it to Locks of Love, a group that uses real hair to make wigs for sick children in need.

Richard Williams III
Fifth grade, Naples Park Elementary School

One day during recess, a fight broke out at Richard’s school. While the other students were encouraging the fight to continue, Richard attempted to stop the fight.

Kenneth Gaskin
Seventh grade, Marco Island Charter School

When Kenneth was walking home from school, he found a packet of pills lying on the ground. Kenneth immediately took the pills and gave them to a Police Officer.

Cal Jordan
Seventh grade, Corkscrew Middle School

Inspired by the 4 fallen Oakland Police Officers and his great grandfather who was killed in the line of duty, Cal started a “cause” on Facebook, called “Support Fallen United States Officers”. Within 2 weeks, Cal already had 300 members. The cause now has over 1,600 members.

Richard Ellis
Ninth grade, Gulf Coast High School

One day when Richard was walking his dog, he noticed his neighbor’s roof was on fire. Richard immediately called the fire department and they quickly responded. Thanks to Richard’s quick actions, the home was able to be saved.

Blandine Anis
Twelfth grade, Lorenzo Walker High School

When Blandine was riding the bus to school one morning, she found two twenty dollar bills on the floor. Instead of keeping the money, she gave it to the bus driver so they could find the rightful owner.

Jonathan Artaud
Twelfth grade, Golden Gate High School

Jonathan is recognized for all of the volunteer work he does for Golden Gate High School and as well as the community. Jonathan has consistently proved that he aspires to “do the right thing”.

Brett Parker
Twelfth grade, Naples High School

Brett Parker found another student’s wallet one day at school. Brett immediately brought the wallet to a teacher. Brett has also worked with Youth Relations deputies to make a video for students about theft.

Jeremy Franks, overall winner
Fifth grade, Veterans Memorial Elementary

Jeremy started a charitable fund in 2005 called “NtheZone Fund” that raises money for local charities. Over the four years, Jeremy’s charity has raised more than $2,400.00 for local charities.