Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You, CCSO

The letter below was featured in the Naples Daily New's Letters to the Editor Section.

Letter of the Day: A dog named Stinky

Editor, Daily News:

On Jan. 31, I was involved in a search and rescue. A hunter was lost in the extensive woods behind my home near Picayune Strand State Forest.

Two deputies arrived asking for information on the Hog’s Breath hunting camp a mile or so beyond, where the hunter was believed to be.

As I know the area well, I offered to lead them. Shortly after starting, I realized I had forgotten my spectacles. At 74, I am quite myopic and somewhat witless. By then we were well into the woods, and I decided it was best not to inform my companions of my negligence.

Luckily, my dog, Stinky, then took over and led us unerringly through the darkness to our prey, who was safe and sound and not a little bit embarrassed. The return took somewhat longer, as Stinky, entranced by the hunter’s dog, a charming female, and deciding that work and no play makes a dog a very dumb mutt, took us on quite a few wrong turns.

Fortunately, everything turned out well. I must say throughout the expedition the expertise and professionalism of the two officers was impressive — as well as their kindness and concern about my own safety and welfare, particularly when they realized I had also forgotten my shoes. Many thanks to Deputy Tray Radford and Deputy Mark Long. The good people of Naples and the surrounding areas are a lot safer and secure because of their presence.

My thanks also to Stinky — at this very moment chomping down on a well-deserved steak.

— Philip Tadman