Friday, August 13, 2010

15 Cited In Underage Alcohol Sales Operation

Thirty-seven out of 52 businesses visited Thursday night during a Collier County Sheriff’s Office underage alcohol enforcement operation properly checked IDs and refused to sell alcohol to minors.

The operation focused on area convenience stores and bars and clubs. The goal was to provide educational materials to local businesses to assist in keeping alcohol from our youth. Every business involved with the check was given educational material packets explaining the laws and consequences relating to underage drinking.

CCSO Youth Relations Cmdr. Beth Jones said that the agency’s education efforts are paying off, however, “it appears that the community still has some work to do to curb underage drinking.”

Forty-two stores were visited and 11 clerks were cited for selling alcoholic beverages to minors. Ten bars and clubs were visited and four bartenders/servers received similar citations.

Those who were cited received notices to appear in court on charges of selling alcohol to minors.