Monday, February 25, 2013

Students Take A Stand Against Distracted Driving

Students at St. John Neumann Catholic High School in Golden Gate got an up-close look at the dangers of distracted driving during an assembly on Thursday, Feb. 21.

More than 200 students learned about the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s community-based, “Stop Texting And Driving” campaign to address the growing demand for Florida to declare it illegal for drivers to text behind the wheel.

The assembly, coordinated by students, began with the showing of a documentary created by AT&T that highlights the consequences of young people who had been texting and driving.

The students then broke into groups and visited several stations manned by CCSO representatives.

Sgt. Robert Brown discussed the issue of distracted driving in Collier County. He also invited students to sign CCSO’s call to action supporting a law that would make it illegal to text while driving in Florida. Sheriff Kevin Rambosk will present these signatures to the Collier County Legislative Delegation and to the Florida Legislature.

Each student was also presented with a red wristband that carry the words, “I won’t text and drive.”

In addition, students tested their ability to walk a straight line using DUI goggles. Cpl. James Klewicki used the goggles to demonstrate how impairment - whether it stems from substance abuse or distracted driving - can affect one’s ability to drive safe on the road.

Click here to sign the call to action.

Photos by Kristi Lester/CCSO(2)