Friday, May 31, 2013

CCSO Scam Alert: Beware of Rx Drug Scammers Going Door To Door

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to beware of people going door to door claiming to represent social services. They may be looking to steal your prescription drugs.

CCSO is investigating a report where a woman posing as a social services representative stole an Immokalee woman’s prescription medication.

CCSO reports gave this account:

On May 23, the 65-year-old victim was approached at her residence by a woman she did not know. The woman said she was with social services and was making contact with senior citizens in the neighborhood to see if they qualified for a new prescription drug program being offered to adults 55 and older.

The suspect claimed the program would help with the purchase of medication and day-to-day expenses for those who qualified.

The suspect asked the victim if she was taking any medications. The victim said yes and showed her two bottles of prescription meds.

The suspect took the bottles and appeared to examine the labels. Then she took the bottles to her truck where she said she had left her pen.

The suspect was inside her truck for a few minutes and then came back to the victim’s residence. She returned both bottles of medication to the victim and said her manager would be in contact the next day for a follow-up appointment.

The suspect left without leaving her name, contact information or program information.

When it came time for the victim to take her medication she noticed the size and shape of the pills seemed different. She took her medication to a nearby drug store, where the pharmacist told her the pills inside the bottles were not what was prescribed on the labels. The pharmacist further advised that had she taken the pills in the bottle as prescribed on the label, it could have possibly killed her.

This is one of many scams thieves use to access your valuables and information.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office offers these safety tips should you encounter a door-to-door solicitor:

If someone comes to your door, ask to see their identification first. Never invite a solicitor into your home. If you feel threatened or question the person’s identity, report it to authorities.

Do not open the door for any service provider that you did not request.

Remember you can always say “No” to whatever they are selling.

Do not give them any personal information (date of birth, Social Security number, bank account info, etc.).

Be very careful about offers for medicines, supplements or other treatments: Always seek the advice of your health care professional.

If you are approached by a door-to-door solicitor and you think it’s a scam, contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office main line at 239.252.9300, or in an emergency, call 911.

For suspected fraud that does not require immediate action, call the CCSO Call Before You Pay fraud hotline at 239.252.CALL (2255).