Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CCSO Lauded For ‘Most Effective Return To Work Program’

From left: Administration Chief Greg Smith, Human Resources Director Darlyn Estes, Risk Management Coordinator Alice Weger, Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, and Florida Sheriff's Risk Management Fund Executive Director David F. Harvey. The Collier County Sheriff's Office was awarded the 2013 Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund Loss Control Safety Award on Tuesday. Photo by Cpl. Efrain Hernandez.  

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office have been awarded the 2013 Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund Loss Control Annual Safety Award.
CCSO, a participant in the Florida Sheriffs Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Program, was recognized for having the “Most Effective Return to Work Program” for injured employees. 
The award was announced Aug. 3 at the Florida Sheriffs Association summer conference on Marco Island. Executive Director David F. Harvey of the FSRMF presented the plaque to Sheriff Rambosk on Tuesday. Sheriff Rambosk was joined by CCSO Administration Chief Greg Smith, Human Resources Director Darlyn Estes and Risk Management Coordinator Alice Weger.
In presenting the award Harvey, a retired Wakulla County Sheriff, said, “There are two components used to determine the recipient of this award.  First, losses over the most recent three-year period are reviewed and the recipient of this award has one the lowest average lost days from work due to occupational accident and injury for that time period.  Second, efforts to get employees back to work and practices with regard to treatment of employees are reviewed and evaluated and given consideration for this award.”
“The recipients of this award are Sheriffs who recognize that their personnel are their agency’s most important resource and, as a result, the value of getting the best and most timely care possible for and continuing to work closely with their injured employee to return them to work as soon as possible,” Sheriff Harvey said. “By doing so they are taking steps necessary to insure the continued success of their employees, the families of their employees, and their office.”