Monday, December 31, 2007

CCSO Helps Protect You From Scammers

Is there an e-mail in your inbox that you're just not sure about? Got a feeling it's a scam? Now help is a click away with CCSO's new e-mail account.

It's your one-stop spot for reporting suspicious e-mail directly to investigators in the sheriff's Economic Crimes Unit. Just forward the e-mail to this account. It's that easy.

Investigators will check the account daily. All e-mails will be investigated and those that are considered serious threats will be made public to prevent further victims.

Check our Web site, under Stay Safe and then Economic Crimes Unit for the latest updates of scams that deputies have found.

Remember, this e-mail is meant for reporting suspicious e-mails only. If you want to talk to an investigator in the Economic Crimes Unit, please call 793-9300.