Thursday, January 17, 2008

Purse Theft Arrest

A Naples woman was arrested Thursday after deputies say she stole a purse from a local nightclub and used the credit cards inside it.

Dahinet Varona, 28, of 1732 46th St. S.W., is charged with grand theft and illegal use of a credit card.

According to reports, the victim, Lindsay Buck, left her purse under the table at Vision Night Club while she was dancing. She returned after one dance but discovered that her purse was gone.

The keys were later found in the nightclub’s bathroom but the other contents, including $100 cash, various gift cards and a Sony digital camera, were not.

Buck called her credit card companies the next morning but discovered two of her cards had been used. One was used twice at a 7-Eleven at 5320 U.S. 41 North, once for $4.65 and once for $2.38. Another was used in the amount of $54.63 at the I-HOP restaurant on Pine Ridge Road.

Deputies reviewed the security video from the 7-Eleven and saw a woman later identified as Varona making a purchase with the card. Varona was arrested Thursday at the North Naples Substation.