Monday, April 14, 2008

Man Suffers Identity Crisis

An Arcadia man was arrested Sunday after presenting a CCSO deputy with multiple forms of fraudulent identification outside an Immokalee convenience store.

Mateo Lucas Mateo, 37, 134 Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, was charged with four counts of possessing a fraudulent ID card and one count of having an open container of alcohol.

Reports say a CCSO deputy saw Mateo drinking a can of beer outside Speedy G’s, 115 3rd St. N., shortly before 4 p.m. When the deputy asked him for his name and date of birth Mateo said his name was Mateo Lucas and he didn’t remember his birth date. He then pulled out his wallet and began to look through it. In plain view were two resident alien ID cards and two Social Security cards.

He handed the deputy a resident alien card that carried the name Ruben Martinez-Gonzalez and a date of birth of May 22, 1975. When the deputy pointed out that the name was different than the one Mateo gave originally, Mateo took back the card and presented a second resident alien card with the name Mateo Lucas Mateo and a date of birth of April 2, 1971.

The deputy then told Mateo to hand over all forms of identification in the wallet. Mateo gave him the two resident alien cards and two Social Security cards, one for Ruben Martinez-Gonzales and another for Mateo Lucas Mateo. All four pieces of identification were easily identifiable as being fake.