Friday, May 23, 2008

Deputies: Shoplifters Brought Children

Two women who had young children with them while they stole clothing and accessories from a North Naples department store were arrested Thursday, sheriff’s deputies said.

Astrid Souffrant, 27, 4615 Bayshore Drive, Apt. E8, East Naples, was charged with grand theft, a felony.

Claudine Bathold, 28, 11440 Whistler’s Cove Circle, East Naples, was charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor.

Arrest reports say Souffrant and Bathold selected various items from the accessories department at Loehmanns, 6424 Naples Blvd., and then went into the fitting area. When they came out of the fitting area they were carrying large handbags, concealing the items they brought in, reports said.

Souffrant, who had a 5-year-old child with her, left the store without paying for the merchandise, valued at $612, reports said.

Deputies say Bathold, who also had a child with her, stole jewelry and other merchandise valued at $280, reports said.

Store officials told deputies the women used pliers to remove sensors from the merchandise, reports said.