Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music Stops For North Naples Man

A North Naples man was arrested Monday night after deputies say he stole an iPod from a car parked at a CVS store.

John Lyles, 27, 675 100th Ave. N., was charged with vehicle burglary and petty theft.

Reports say the victim, Sergio Guzman, parked his silver Dodge Neon at the CVS at 2375 Vanderbilt Beach Road at around 10:30 p.m. He left the car with its windows rolled down and went inside for about two minutes. When he returned he noticed his iPod was missing.

Guzman saw a man on a yellow motor scooter behind his vehicle. He asked the man whether he saw who took the iPod and the man said it was someone in a yellow Dodge Neon, according to reports. Guzman got the motor scooter’s license plate number then drove around the neighborhood looking for a yellow Dodge Neon. He called deputies a few minutes later when he failed to locate a yellow Neon.

Deputies went to Lyles’ home after identifying him as the owner of the scooter driven by the witness, reports said. When Lyles came to the door deputies could see an iPod matching the description of the one that was stolen sitting on a table on the porch, according to reports.

Lyles initially told deputies the item on the table was a remote control, not an iPod, reports said. However, he allowed deputies to take a closer look at it and they confirmed that it was an iPod. When they turned it on Sergio Guzman’s name displayed on the screen, and the songs on the play list were the same songs Guzman said were on his iPod.