Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Deputies: Man Beat Sleeping Neighbor

An East Naples man was arrested Tuesday night after deputies say he broke into a neighbor's house and beat the man while he slept.

Brett Andrew Bricker, 28, 32 Creek Circle, was charged with burglary with battery, a felony.

Arrest reports say John Mattingly, 27, told deputies he was sleeping in his bed at 7 Henderson Drive around 8 p.m. when he awoke to his neighbor Bricker punching him. Mattingly tried to fight off Bricker. He managed to break free and ran outside.

Mattingly told deputies he ran to a neighbor’s yard, where he and Bricker argued over money that he said Bricker owed him. Mattingly then returned to his house and called authorities.

Mattingly told deputies he had sold Bricker a stereo four days ago with the understanding that Bricker would pay him $200, reports said. Mattingly said he went to Bricker’s house several times to ask for the money but he never received it, reports said.