Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Tis The Season For Stealing

As you brave local stores and malls, you might be thinking about sales instead of safety. Big mistake.

Thieves prey on shoppers whose busy sprints from store to store leave lots of opportunities for crime.

Purses left behind seats or under floor mats are easy pickings. Packages left in plain view send burglars straight for your vehicle.

There's an easy cure for this: Lock up your car. Don't leave valuables behind. Leave them home, instead.

CCSO has enlisted the help of giant light boards to help motorists remember that their cars can be targets. They boards move around the county and are meant as a reminder that everyone in the community can help us fight crime by simply locking up.

Keep some of these tips in mind when you’re out and about:

- Shop during the day, if possible.

- Take a friend with you.

- Stay alert even if you have a million “to do” lists running in your head. Watch what's happening around you.

- Do not carry too many packages at once. You make yourself an easy target.

- Leave your valuables, including jewelry at home. Take the least amount of your belongings with you.

- Carry your cell phone and call 911 if you need help immediately.

Click here to watch our video on holiday shopping safety.