Thursday, August 11, 2011

CCSO Traffic Enforcement Spots

Monday, Aug. 15:

Airport-Pulling Road and Coach House Lane – Aggressive driving
Santa Barbara Boulevard and Golden Gate Parkway - Speeding
Vanderbilt Beach and Livingston roads – Speeding

Tuesday, Aug. 16:

South First Street and Eustis Avenue - Speeding
Davis and Lakewood boulevards – Red-light running
Immokalee Road and Juliet Boulevard – Red-light running

Wednesday, Aug. 17:

Golden Gate and Wilson boulevards - Speeding
111th Avenue North and 7th Street North - Aggressive driving
Pine Ridge Road at I-75 southbound exit – Aggressive driving

Thursday, Aug. 18:

U.S. 41 North and Imperial Golf Course Boulevard – Speeding
Immokalee and Airport-Pulling roads – Speeding
U.S. 41 East and Palm Drive – Red-light running

Friday, Aug. 19:

U.S. 41 North and Mercato Drive – Aggressive driving
Radio Road and Devonshire Boulevard – Red-light running
Airport-Pulling and Pine Ridge roads – Speeding