Friday, August 5, 2011

Mapping Out New Ways To Communicate

It’s one thing to read information. It’s quite another to see it on a map.

That’s why the Collier Collier County Sheriff’s Office is using the My Maps feature on Google Maps as a communication and public safety tool.

“We envision many uses for these customized maps,” said Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk. “There are times when getting a visual on where an event or situation is taking place is extremely helpful.”

CCSO created its first customized My Map to publicize the Aug. 2 National Night Out events in Collier County. The map marked the location of each National Night Out Safetyfest scheduled in the agency’s six patrol districts. By clicking on a location marked by an icon, a box opened offering written details including the address, time and highlights of that event. After National Night Out, the map was modified to connect visitors with photos of each Safetyfest.

From a public safety standpoint, CCSO also plans to create maps to provide information to the community in the event of natural disasters like hurricanes and brush fires. Maps can display the locations of evacuations, road closures, shelters and more.

Click here or scan the QR code below to see the map linking to photos of each National Night Out event.