Friday, August 24, 2012

Sheriff Rambosk Launches Storm Website

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is Storm Central for Tropical Storm Isaac.

In fact, whenever severe weather is approaching the community can now turn to CCSO’s new website.

The site is always viewable at When Collier County experiences a significant storm event, such as Isaac, the website will override In the case of Isaac, that override launched Thursday evening.

“Whenever a major weather event is threatening Collier County it is critical to provide information. This new website does just that,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “I’m committed to keeping residents up to date about our emergency preparation. The goal is to have information in the hands of the community so they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their property.”

The website offers a live Isaac Tracker through The Weather Channel and weather updates including a map of current weather conditions through As Collier County begins feeling the impacts of Isaac, it will also feature up-to-date photographs and videos of the storm in action taken by CCSO members out in the field.

There are links to state and local storm-related resources, including the Collier County Emergency Management website and the National Hurricane Center website.

Visitors can watch CCSO videos about hurricane preparedness. There’s also useful information for after a storm, including a map that will display affected areas such as road closures and power outages; and information about curfews and re-entry procedures for residents in affected areas.

There’s educational information including proper procedures when traffic signals aren’t functioning as well as frequently needed phone number before and after a storm ranging from law enforcement to utilities.

There are also links to the CCSO website,, as well as and the agency’s Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.